april 2012

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Situated opposite “Jeff’s Shed” on the other side of the river, Kobe Jones has great views especially with the night lights.

The food was flavoursome with interesting ingredient combinations however the presentation lacked the finesse observed at Japanese restaurants we have visited on other occasions. With a fairly high price tag on the meal, disposable chopsticks seemed somewhat out of place!

Number One Special

Seafood Poke Shot, Wafu Oyster, Lollipop Sushi

Wagyu Tataki

Anago Scallop, Volcano Roll, Chicken Yakatori

Alaskan Crab

Wagyu Hot Rock

You cook the meat & mushrooms on the hot rock

with dipping sauces on the side

Creme brûlée, citrus sorbet,

macaroons & chocolate chopsticks

Alaskan Crab - All done!