23 Woods Street, Beaconsfield

Our food...

House made sourdough - white, rye, fig & walnut

Savoury Tasters ..

Duck glazed in cumquat, confit shallot

Salmon Pastrami

Broccoli purée, fresh, toasted walnuts, pickled dill

Carrots roasted in coffee, smoked & pickled carrot, honey cumin, carrot purée, carrot top sauce, house made crème fraîche, carrot raisins, baby coriander

Pan basted kingfish, lemon gel, roasted endive, sand of pigs ear, seaweed, pickled cucumber, sheep sorrel, burnet

Potatoes, steamed, fermented, artichoke pot roasted, velouté, chips, two hour egg, black garlic, Vietnamese mint oil

Venison, parsnip purée, jus with grains & dried strawberry, broadbean leaves, flower, pea tendrils, purple carrot vinaigrette

Lamb ragout, smoked & cured backstrap, samphire, garlic purée, sumac, grass onion flowers, dried leek

Pork neck, concentrated pork stock, apple tapenade, brunoise of apple compressed in cider

‘Cup of Tea’ - Chamomile gel, granita, lemon curd, honey cream, honey sponge powder, bee pollen, borage flowers, honeycomb

Almond milk ice cream, toasted almonds, blood orange, compote, sheet, charred & dried orange, black sesame paste, sesame fudge

Sweet Tasters..

House made chocolate w/ Vietnamese mint powder

Sea salt & vanilla caramel, Jerusalem artichoke powder

Rosemary flamed marshmallow

(Note: We opted for matching wines however requested mostly white, this was my choice, not that of of the sommelier!)